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Cytotoxic activity of T-2 toxin for immortalized cultures of fetal calf lung epithelial cells

Genes & Cells: Volume XII, №1, 2017, pp.: DOI: 10.23868/201703006


I.I. Idiyatov, L.R. Valiullin, V.V. Biryulya, N.G. Shangaraev, I.S. Raginov, M.I. Tremasov, M.V. Lekishvili, A.I. Nikitin

T-2 toxin produced by microscopic fungi induces apoptosis in cells of various body tissues. The purpose of this study was to assess T-2 toxin cytotoxic effect on fetal calf lung epithelium cells. Cells were cultured in a nutrient medium containing T-2 toxin at a concentration of 6000, 3000, 2000, 1000, 500, 100, 50 and 25 ng/ml for 20 hours. The cytotoxic effect of T-2 toxin was assessed by morphological parameters, proliferative activity and cell survival. It was found that the changes in morphology, proliferation, mitotic
activity of cells, as well as their survival depended on the concentration of T-2 toxin. High doses of the toxin prevented the cells to form a monolayer, suppressed proliferation, led to changing of their shape, fragmentation and the high level of apoptosis. At doses of 50 and 100 ng/ml monolayer poorly occurred. At a concentration of 25 ng/ml, the toxin had no significant effect on the studied parameters. Morphological
analysis was confirmed by cytometry, results of evaluation of proliferative and mitotic activity, cytotoxicity.

Keywords: T-2 toxin, fetal calf lung epithelium cells, morphology, cytometry, survival, proliferation, mitotic
activity, cytotoxicity.



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