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Modern approaches to peripheral nerve regeneration after injury: the prospects of gene and cell therapy

Genes & Cells: Volume XII, №1, 2017, pp.: DOI: 10.23868/201703001


M.N. Karagyaur, P.I. Makarevich, E.K. Shevchenko, D.V. Stambolsky, N.I. Kalinina, Ye.V. Parfyonova

Natural potency of peripheral nerves to regenerate after injury is limited by time and ability of neurons to recuperate. It results in loss of function and disability of impaired subject. Existing therapeutic approaches are not capable to support nerve survival and neurite outgrowth for a sufficient period of time. This problem can be solved by application of novel gene therapeutic drugs and cell-based approaches. Present review focuses on mechanisms of nerve repair and key stages of peripheral nerve system regeneration after injury. The study provides a systematic overview of biologically active molecules involved and gives a prospect of new methods in treatment of injured nerves.

Keywords: nerve regeneration, gene therapy, cell therapy, neurotrophic factors, neuron, Schwann cells, cell sheet.


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