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Regenerative technologies in treatment of diabetic foot ulcers

Genes & Cells: Volume XII, №1, 2017, pp.: DOI: 10.23868/201703002


R.E. Kalinin, I.A. Suchkov, N.D. Mzhavanadze, А.А. Krylov, A.A. Isaev, I.L. Plaksa, R.V. Deev

Regenerative medicine is one of the new fast growing approaches to the treatment of a variety of diseases,
including oncology and cardiovascular pathology, degenerative-dystrophic diseases of bones and joints, and
other complex diseases including diabetes mellitus. Diabetes is regarded as one of the most dangerous non-infectious diseases in the world with a rising incidence that reaches pandemic proportions. Treatment of patients with diabetic foot ulcers including those with peripheral arterial disease is a challenging issue due to the increased risks for poor and lethal outcomes, which makes the social and economic burden of diabetes mellitus very high. The article presents state-of-the-art regenerative technologies in treatment of
diabetic foot ulcers. Special attention is paid to gene and cell therapy.

Keywords: regenerative medicine, regenerative technologies, diabetic foot ulcers, stem cell therapy, gene therapy.


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