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Journal «Genes and Cells» is published 4 times a year, quarterly. Subscription price for 2018 (4 issues) — 2000 rub.

To subscribe for 2018 through the editor, fill out a payment receipt, cut the receipt and pay it at the bank.

Attention! Please fill out the receipt clearly, in block letters if possible. Before sending the receipt, check that the exact address with the postal code and the name of the recipient is indicated! Otherwise, the journal may not reach the addressee!

Subscription for legal entities is carried out by a preliminary application to the email address, indicating the exact bank details of the organization, ensuring the number of copies and the year/number of the journal.

If you subscribed after the issue of the journal, your order will still be accepted. We guarantee that you will receive all paid issues of the magazine. A subscription in the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS can also be issued at any post office: in the “Newspapers. Journals ”of the ROSPECHAT agency, subscription index in the catalog No. 20092 (semi-annual) or No. 36380 (annual).

Mailing address for subscription letters: PJSC “Institute of Human Stem Cells”, 119333, Almaty, ul. Moscow, st. Gubkina, 3, p. 2, PO Box 373, phone: +7 (495) 646-80-76, E-mail:

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