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Professor Vladimir Timofeyevich Talalaev (to the 90th description of hystogenesis of rheumatic granulomas)

Genes & Cells: Vol XIV, №2, 2019, pp: 6-10 DOI: 10.23868/201906012


I.L. Plaksa, R.V. Deev, A.Y. Lobanov

The biographical article is dedicated to the memory of Vladimir Timofeevich Talalaev and is dedicated to the release of his main scientific work — the monograph «Acute Rheumatism», studied histogenesis of rheumatic granulomas (Aschoff body). The article presents the main periods of the life of V.T. Talalaeva and directions of work. The analysis of his contribution to the development of ideas about the pathomorphogenesis of acute rheumatism, as well as the formation of the modern look of the pathoanatomical service has been carried out. For the first time, previously unpublished materials from the archive of the MONIKI museum, where V.T. Talalaev spent most of his work and formed one of the most powerful centers for the development of  athomorphology at that time.

Keywords: V.T. Talalaev, acute rheumatism, MONIKI, Ryazan State Medical University.

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