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Legislative regulation and use of genetic information in the Russian Federation and abroad

Genes & Cells: Vol XIV, №4, 2019, pp: 82-87 DOI: 10.23868/201912037


M.A. Vulf, K.A. Yurova, D.A. Skuratovskaia, L.S. Litvinova

In modern medicine, personalized approaches to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases are becoming increasingly important. The accumulated information on genetic mutations and their mapping led to the development of prognostic genetic tests. Created programs for clustering and analysis of the information received have served the development of pharmacogenetics and gene therapy. This has increased the effectiveness and safety of therapeutic approaches and increased average life expectancy. At the same time, the Russian Federation (RF) and the world community are actively discussing the protection of human rights, the inviolability of the person, storage, use of his personal data, including genetic information from unauthorized access. The purpose of this review was to generalize and detail information on legislative norms and legal regulation of the use of genetic information in the territory of the Russian Federation and in other countries of the world.

Keywords: genomics, legal regulation, gene therapy, genetic information.

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