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Combined use of plasmid drug pCMV-VEGFA and autodermoplasty for stimulation of skin defects healing in the experiment

Genes & Cells: Vol XIII, №1, 2018, pp: 90-94 DOI: 10.23868/201805011


A.I. Bilialov, M.S. Abyzova, A.A. Titova, M.O. Mavlikeev, A.A. Krilov, I.Y. Bozo, R.V. Deev

To find effective ways to stimulate chronic skin wounds healing (including deep burns, diabetic and trophic ulcers) is an actual multidisciplinary task. The aim of our study was to assess the potential of using autodermoplasty in combination with plasmid drug pCMV-VEGFA to optimize skin defects repair in the experiment. Autodermoplasty was performed on Wistar rats. The size of the skin flap was 2×2 cm. Immediately after surgery the animals of the test group (n=8) underwent intradermal injection in the periphery of autotransplant with 1 ml solution containing 0.3 mg of supercoiled plasmid DNA pCMV-VEGFA, rats of the control group (n=8) received 1 ml of 0.9 % NaCl. The results were analyzed in 3, 6, 9 12, 18 days using macroscopic evaluation, laser Doppler flowmetry, histological methods. Macroscopically in the test group necrosis of the transplanted skin flap was found at later periods of observation, in one case complete survival of autotransplant was observed. The results of laser Doppler flowmetry in the group with plasmid DNA did not have statistically significant differences with control. The wound defect diameter in the test group at 12 days was 5,52± 4.80 mm, in the control — 12,45±0,82 mm (p=0,03); 2,53±of 2,94 mm and 4,23±3,5 mm (p=0,067) at 18 days, respectively. At 18 days, the average number of vessels under the flap in the central zone were: of 26±2,9 in the test group and 20±8 — in control; it the peripheral zone — 27±3,4 and of 12,1±3,9 (p=0,035), respectively; in the skin muscle — 21,2±of 3,9 and 12,4±3,6 (p=0,04), respectively. Thus, the use of plasmid drug pCMV-VEGFA improved the skin healing after autodermoplasty.

Keywords: gene therapy, skin, autodermoplasty, vascular endothelial growth factor, VEGFA gene.

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