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Peculiarities of non-coding RNA functioning in the norm and cerebral ischemia

Genes & Cells: Vol XIII, №1, 2018, pp: 42-46 DOI: 10.23868/201805004


I.B. Filippenkov, S.A. Limborska, L.V. Dergunova

To date, it has been shown that not only information RNAs, but also various types of non-coding RNA, are involved in the transcriptome reaction in ischemia. In particular, non-coding RNAs can perform important protective functions, acting as competitive endogenous RNAs. They interact with microRNA, which negatively affects the expression of many mRNAs, and neutralize their activity. The particular interest is circular RNAs, which belong to the non-coding RNAs and can most effectively perform the functions of competitive RNAs. Circular RNAs demonstrate the increased resistance to exonucleases and the predominant brain-specific expression pattern, which may indicate their particular importance in this tissue as neuroprotective agents. This review demonstrates the most recent data on the structure and features of the functioning of noncoding RNAs, which indicate the important role of circular RNAs in cell in the norm and ischemia conditions.

Keywords: cerebral ischemia, non-coding RNA, circular RNA, microRNA.

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